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Training Attention in an ADD World

You will learn:

  • how some habits of attention get in your way

  • why focus is better than concentration

  • how to improve your sensory awareness

  • how sensory awareness helps reduce performance anxiety


Alexander Technique

You will learn:

  • how some habits of movement slow down your progress

  • how whole body coordination produces ease in performance

  • how everyday movements can help or hinder performance


What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body

6-hour course for whole body, shorter workshops for specific areas

You will learn:

  • how faulty ideas about your structure produce faulty movement

  • how to correct confusions about function, structure, and size of bones and joints

  • how to base your teaching on accurate movement potential

  • how Piano Moves and instrument-specific resources can guide you through the process


Now, Weight! A little bit of helpful physics

You will learn:

  • how “weight” can become tension

  • why it’s not possible to put weight into the keys - yes, I said that!

  • how the piano action responds to speed

  • why “relaxation” is a tricky word


Piano Moves: a spiral curriculum for Body Mapping in the piano studio

You will learn:

  • how Body Mapping can get your students out of movement traps

  • how to add Body Mapping to your teaching in a step-by-step method

  • how to gain confidence when teaching anatomy

  • how to use movement explorations and images to add fun to the lesson


Where Air Goes

You will learn:

  • how to eliminate faulty breathing practices

  • what body structures create free breathing movements

  • how to control breathing to create sound

  • what common myths interfere with free breathing